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Fox News Attacks Wiccans & Pagans PDF Print E-mail
Written by AmberVine   
Wednesday, 20 February 2013 13:58

Demand that Fox News apologize to Pagans and Wiccans


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0:00 aside what this is for a the pc police are at it again because
0:05 there's weekends in pagans out there right probably i don't know if they make
0:09 up a large percentage of the population do they don't they don't come out of it
0:12 at at at at at at the embers are asked rains here there are way but apparently
0:15 maybe at the university of missouri they make of such an exorbitant amount part
0:19 of the population of the university of missouri but they need to have all of
0:22 their holidays now recognized
0:25 and they have a ton of holidays this is the data that's out of work in his
0:27 innocence
0:28 obviously for witchcraft but that upside is you've got a ton of holidays twenty
0:32 percent of a all school holidays as described by the immersive missouri are
0:37 wicca knowledge twenty percent of all all of this is the statement from the
0:40 university of missouri this is why saturday night as the information about
0:43 the weekend and holidays
0:45 has been in the guide since last fall keep in mind this is not intended just
0:50 for faculty this is an informational back for any line across campus
0:54 again that's been university of missouri
0:57 and uh... it seems to me too me bruce on the show earlier this morning in this
1:02 she says part wouldn't happen in any other country listen
1:08 i think that this is again not about elevating anyone else it's about
1:12 pagans in weekends being used a for a political agenda to downgrade what's
1:17 important to a majority of americans i think that this is that an anti
1:21 tradition die action
1:23 i think pagans in weekend should be very angry that the used by the establishment
1:28 and i think that uh...
1:29 but there should be a a backlash if it looked that tradition in this country is
1:33 abysmal allows people to be pagans and weekends an injury to enjoy their lives
1:37 freely got a lot to do in that any other country
1:39 writing somehow if your kristen in this country
1:43 pad to know that you can't say merry christmas is something i have to kind of
1:46 pressure christian faith on other people ready get twenty holidays now if you're
1:51 a weekend at money sets the one to go with right i mean that's certainly want
1:55 to pick one
1:56 gold along with the most holly except anymore religion whose most sacred days
2:00 halloween
2:01 i'd just can't take seriously at the connecting call me a bigot and i'm not
2:05 you know not off a natural yes we can assume but i would be more the pagan
2:09 side right would be
2:10 would be hollering weakens can name every weekend holiday
2:13 by fifty percent of wiccan high doses alicante i will say this because you
2:16 know we're journalists and i and i have covered this actually went because there
2:20 was some backlash a number of years ago against weakens and i never had to do a
2:23 story you know when interviewed a number of weekends and they say look we are the
2:27 most peaceful individuals we just we don't practice
2:30 crazy things we just of the earth we believe in my things that's my every
2:33 week and i never notice either compulsive deep dungeons and dragons
2:36 player war it is a middle-aged twice divorced
2:40 older woman living in a rural area who works as a midwife and and likes a lot
2:44 of incense yet
2:47 that's right was uh... if you've met any weapons out there let us know
2:50 uh... friends of foxnews dot com

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Last Updated on Thursday, 04 July 2013 20:18
(Simple) Calm Warring Siblings - Author: Kala Trobe 2007 PDF Print E-mail
Written by AmberVine   
Wednesday, 02 November 2011 18:37

Calm Warring Siblings
Author: Kala Trobe 2007

Had the nine Muses fought the way most sisters do, humanity's arts would be much the poorer. To help establish sibling harmony among your children, bind objects symbolic of each child with a six-foot-long brown ribbon. As you do so, repeat:


"Binah brought you unto me. Mother goddess, hear this plea.

Let my children happy be; bound in soulful harmony."


If the Moon is waxing, you should contemplate a growth of love among the siblings; if waning, meditate on diminishing hostility. Pull the ribbon tight, and knot. Every time they fight, think of their goddess-blessed unity. It will not take long for the spell to take practical effect.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 00:06
WitchCircle Updates PDF Print E-mail
Written by AmberVine   
Sunday, 13 June 2010 17:57
  • New Flash revamp at Witchcircles.com with a live comments page and streaming chants.
  • Interested in Sharing your Essays and articles here?
    • Contact Admin and put "Publisher" in the topic title with an explantion of your Craft focus and background.
    • No prior writing experience or Craft "degree" is reqquired, just good honest desire to share and grow in return.
    • All correspondences are confidential.
  • New Music and Videos in Concepts section.
    • Poetry, Song and Inspirational
  • User Controll Panel
    • New tradition, clergy status and skills/interest feilds added.
    • Share your talents and interests with others and update your profiles.
  • Searchbox
    • Quick Search top left of the menu or advanced search in the main menu list.
    • especially helpful for lesson study!
  • Lessons
    • Section "lessons" is available with links to where you can take these courses for credit or audit the information I've posted from the classes here.
  • Glossary
    • You might notice the helpful information icons throughout the site.  When you hover over them they give you the glossary definition for the term.  I hope this makes learning and reading even more enjoyable.
    • Current Gossary sections:
      • Herbal Grimoire
      • Pantheon & Diety
      • Wiccan/ Pagan Traditions and key figures
      • Witch School first degree study program terms
      • All other glossary terms used on this site.
    • If you are interested in contributing to the glossaries register with the site and post in the forums section.
    • Added first degree glosary study terms for lesson 4
    • added more pantheon terms
  • eBooks
    • The eBooks section of the library has been converted to a downloadable or internet viewable .pdf format.
    • Most smart phones should now be able to veiw the docs via in-phone pdf veiwers.
  • Music
    • Some pagan rock and chants have been added to the music player.
  • WitchWiki
    • I have disabled the WitchWiki to focus more towards the lessons and Glossary sections.
    • if an error shows about not being able to connect to WitchWiki, it's just because it no longer exhists.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 04 July 2013 20:19
About Pagans PDF Print E-mail
Written by AmberVine   
Sunday, 10 July 2011 17:46

witchcircles.com logoIn the simplest terms, Pagans are nature centered followers of indigineous deity. We honnor nature and observe the natural cycles of life. Some are polytheistic, some monotheistic (one god/dess or many). All follow the concepts of an "Earth" based nature oriented design.

All modern religions can trace their roots to Pagan culture. Few Pagan traditions survived in tact during the dominance of other modern religions, therefore most modern Pagans are recreations or revivals, hence neo-Pagan.

A recreation is a long unpracticed culture that has been recreated from texts and word of mouth stories. A revival is one that has either been in secret for a long time or passed down through families in secret.

Wiccans are one of the largest of the neoPagan culture with a large base in European traditional Witchcraft.

Witchcraft is the art of manipulating the environment to one's will via magic. This can be as mundane in concept to a self help book and meditation to spells and intricate ritual.

High magic is to aid deity in moving the cycles of seasons and low magic is for personal and more human oriented goals. Some Witches will only practice one form while many do both.

We do not proselytize (convert). All faiths have wisdom for the follower. Faith is personal and cannot be a cookie cutter assembly line.

The Elements are considered the core symbolic building blocks of all aspects of the divine. Through a constant intent to grow and experience our existence one becomes more familiar with these mysteries.

We are all responsible for our own actions and thoughts. We are all connected and harming another harms our self.

The core of the Mystery faiths is that you can be told the mystery but no one can understand it for you.




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Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 00:06
Cauldron of Changes - a story of transformation (video) PDF Print E-mail
Written by AmberVine   
Wednesday, 22 June 2011 19:49
There are no translations available.

JavaScript is disabled!
To display this content, you need a JavaScript capable browser.

Отойди в сторону, ""сказал ему Римо "Месси скачать картинки"по-корейски.

Он многозначительно замолчал, ожидая "Последняя флеш плеер скачать"обещанного рассказа.

ПРИЗРАК ЗОННЕНШМЕРЦА "Песня наталии орейро скачать"Мы напились и промыли "Песни из фильма хатико скачать"раны.

Ярость превратилась в какое-то громадное "Оксимирон тентакли скачать"неприятное, этого третьего ""лишнего.

Несмотря на всю важность ""церемонии, на плоту не "Скачать книги эдгара берроуза"царила торжественная тишина.

Но я ""не смею и капли выпить после того, что мне сказал хозяин.

Ведь старики обычно ""с охотой принимают подобные услуги от ""юношей, даже не связанных с ними "Minecraft скачать карту spellbound caves"родственными узами.

Этот больной симулировал, что ""он глух, как тетерев.

Но даже "Ufc undisputed 2011 pc crack"Калоусу не удалось ничего выведать у ""Швейка.

Зернов остановился, перерезанный пополам красной плоскостью.

Здесь "Игры на двоих смурфы"она остановилась; сквозь стволы деревьев она оглядела открытое пространство, отделявшее ""ее от "Скачать альбом океан ельзи скачать"рощи, где был теперь Карлос.

Ты знаешь, ""я обладаю могуществом, и я отдаю его на милость Аллаху Всемогущему, Всезнающему, Сострадающему.

Речь "Певица нюша скачать песню"идет об очень важном проекте.

Чтобы "Скачать игру космические рейнджеры 3"получить мой совет или помощь.

Он стоял ""на месте, очевидно, решив "Mirrors edge скачать бесплатна"подождать, пока его глаза не "Поделки из дерева для дома"привыкнут ко мраку грота.

вскричал Мак, заметив, что Мефистофель "Скачать прицел для css"собирается сделать какой-то жест.

Возможно, ""люди просто мало знают "Череп картинка скачать"о том, что на "Аська хаттаб скачать"самом деле творится в царстве ""сверхъестественного.

Тома предупредили насчет пользования посетительскими раздевалками.

Тут "Чертеж уаз 469"были разбиты две или три палатки, рядом с ними привязаны лошади; вокруг стояли и лежали в траве несколько человек, тесно прижавшись друг к другу очевидно, для того, чтобы согреться.

Погоню-то они прекратили, "Скачать музыки майкл джексона"но остановил их, видно, не выстрел, а вот эта штука труп жеребца.

Мне "Песня я ты он она вместе целая страна скачать"ваша супруга очень нравится.

Только Снежок, у которого знаний океанской жизни было вдвое больше, чем у всех троих вместе, не отвел, "Показ мод игры скачать"как они, взгляда, а, наоборот, в течение нескольких минут все упорнее всматривался в "Десантура скачать фильмы"небо.

Великолепные мулы, богатый груз да это же настоящее богатство!

Здесь я счастлив, здесь у меня есть друзья.

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Last Updated on Sunday, 05 May 2013 20:09
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